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Christliche Schule Altavilla

Christliche Schule Altavilla

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  • Li Learns to Listen
    Xianhua Li had a good life. She had a noble, stable job working as a kindergarten English and Chinese teacher. She was earning good money, had a nice house, and had many life goals. She soon realized, however, that life was so boring and hopeless. She had a relationship with God, but it wasn’t her main focus in [...]
  • Heritage Academy aids Hurricane Irma Disaster Relief
    This year has been a very active hurricane season. There have been three category five storms so far. Following Hurricane Harvey, the disaster response team of Heritage Academy considered traveling to Houston to respond, but as Irma loomed in the Atlantic, it seemed that the group should respond to Florida instead. Daily, the team monitored [...]
  • Logos TV
    ADVENTIST NATIONAL TV CHANNEL Logos TV  broadcasts already on a national freeview network, covering more than forty million people across the territory of Spain. In addition, Logos TV can be watched for free via the Hispasat satellite, the favourite satellite of the Spanish speaking residents in Europe and Northern Africa (see configuration data on the [...]

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  • ADRA responds across south Asia to help thousands affected by monsoons
    Torrential rainfall has already devastated many households in the regions of India, Nepal, and Bangladesh, causing landslides. The recent downpour has been blamed for the deaths of 180 people and reportedly affected more than 44 million people.  ADRA is working closely with local authorities in India, Nepal, and Bangladesh to assess damages and community needs. Below are updates on aid provided by ADRA in each country. INDIA Shelters have been established for more than 45,000 people who lost...
  • President of Colombia reassures religious freedom to faith-based leaders
    President of Colombia Ivan Duque shared his commitment to upholding religious liberty in Colombia during a special breakfast to commemorate its Religious Liberty National Day in Colombia, on July 4, 2019. More than 130 religious leaders were invited to the Bolivar de la Casa de Nariño Room in the Presidential Palace, in Bogotá, Colombia, to continue contributing to the social actions and sustainable entrepreneurship in Colombia. “For me to have the presence of all of you today, is the...
  • 100 years of Adventist education at Stanborough School
    Among the 40+ Adventist primary and secondary schools across the Trans-European Division, Stanborough School in Watford, England, is one of the oldest. The weekend of July 6 and 7 saw crowds of more than 1,000 people coming together to mark the centenary year (1919-2019) of both the Primary and Secondary School. Two events were planned through the weekend: a Sabbath service held on the Stanborough Park grounds under a marquee, then a family fun and recreation day held on the Sunday. Both events...