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Bergpension Sonnmatt Newsletter Februar 2016

Es gibt wieder News von der Sonnmatt:

Liebe Freunde

Mit Freuden verschicken wir unseren neuen Newsletter. Wie immer enthält dieser auch wieder viele schöne Bilder der Natur.

Die Themen sind:

-       Beratungen von Ernst Zwiker (neuer Mitarbeiter)

-       Friedvolles Paradies (Erfahrungsbericht Ferien)

-       Viele schöne Begegnungen(Erfahrungsbericht Ferien)

-       Jennys Rezept – Zwiebel-Oliven-Brötchen

-       Daten Gesundheitskurse 2016

Bitte auf den Link klicken.

Herzliche Grüsse aus dem schönen Toggenburg

Remo & Jenny Fischer

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  • Li Learns to Listen
    Xianhua Li had a good life. She had a noble, stable job working as a kindergarten English and Chinese teacher. She was earning good money, had a nice house, and had many life goals. She soon realized, however, that life was so boring and hopeless. She had a relationship with God, but it wasn’t her main focus in [...]
  • Heritage Academy aids Hurricane Irma Disaster Relief
    This year has been a very active hurricane season. There have been three category five storms so far. Following Hurricane Harvey, the disaster response team of Heritage Academy considered traveling to Houston to respond, but as Irma loomed in the Atlantic, it seemed that the group should respond to Florida instead. Daily, the team monitored [...]
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  • Two Adventist leaders pass to their rest
    It is with sincere regret that Adventist News Network reports that two former leaders of the West-Central Africa Division, Luka T. Daniel and Robert J. Kloosterhuis, have passed to their rest. Daniel, 76, was born in the village of Ukam, Kaduna, Nigeria, in 1943. He attended Adventist primary schools and received his bachelor’s degree from the Adventist College of West Africa (now Babcock University) before obtaining a master’s degree in Middle Eastern Studies from Loma Linda University. ...
  • Philippines: Earthquake rocks southern island of Mindanao
    The Philippine's southern island of Mindanao was hit by a series of strong earthquakes during the month of October.  On October 16, a magnitude-6.3 earthquake shook, followed by a magnitude 6.6 quake on October 29, and another quake of magnitude-6.5 hit again two days later on October 31 causing major infrastructural damage not only to the province of Cotabato where the epicenter was located, but also affecting nearby provinces where major cities like Davao are located. Residents living in the...
  • Seventh-day Adventist Church initiates global prayer campaign #Pray4Burundi
    On October 24, Burundi Union President, Lamec Barishinga, was arrested on his way to meetings at the East-Central African division offices in Nairobi, Kenya. This arrest is the latest in an escalating series of events between the Seventh-day Adventist Church and the government of Burundi.  Read more: Appeal from Seventh-day Adventist World Church President for urgent prayer In May, through the Adventist News Network and the Adventist Review, Seventh-day Adventist world church president, Ted...