ASI: signifie „Adventist laymen´s Services and Industries”, c’est une organisation adventiste composée d’institutions financièrement autonomes, d’entreprises et de commerçants. Les membres sont des femmes et des hommes qui appartiennent à l’église Adventistes du 7ème jour qui par leurs entreprises, cabinets, chancelleries, institutions et programmes, veulent soutenir la proclamation de l’évangile et spécialement le message Adventiste.

Notre slogan: „Témoigner de Christ sur le marché de la vie".

ASI – L’organisation d’entrepreneurs, médecins, avocats, conseillers fiscaux, consultants adventistes etc. et exploitants de centres de santé, d’éducation, de mission et sociaux ou de programmes – s’est donnée pour but d’initier des projets et des programmes qui reflètent l’esprit du Christ et témoignent de Christ sur le «marché de la vie» et qui soutiennent la mission mondiale de l’église Adventistes du 7ème jour. Un but supplémentaire est la favorisation de la solidarité chrétienne et de l’échange d’expérience entre les membres.

Code d’honneur

ASI et ses membres se distinguent par leur  honnêteté incorruptible dans la vie professionnelle, leur soutien aux différentes activités de la commune, leur attitude positive vis-à-vis de la direction de l'église Adventiste du 7ème jour ainsi que leurs réactions responsables en vers les besoins des autres. Les membres de l’ASI mettent Jésus Christ au centre de leur travail et se déclarent partisans de lui sur le «marché de la vie».


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Adventist Laymen's Services & Industries
  • Li Learns to Listen
    Xianhua Li had a good life. She had a noble, stable job working as a kindergarten English and Chinese teacher. She was earning good money, had a nice house, and had many life goals. She soon realized, however, that life was so boring and hopeless. She had a relationship with God, but it wasn’t her main focus in [...]
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    This year has been a very active hurricane season. There have been three category five storms so far. Following Hurricane Harvey, the disaster response team of Heritage Academy considered traveling to Houston to respond, but as Irma loomed in the Atlantic, it seemed that the group should respond to Florida instead. Daily, the team monitored [...]
  • Logos TV
    ADVENTIST NATIONAL TV CHANNEL Logos TV  broadcasts already on a national freeview network, covering more than forty million people across the territory of Spain. In addition, Logos TV can be watched for free via the Hispasat satellite, the favourite satellite of the Spanish speaking residents in Europe and Northern Africa (see configuration data on the [...]

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  • Coronavirus victims fight back in the latest #dearcoronavirus video
    Most of us know somebody with coronavirus or, perhaps, have it ourselves. Sadly, some of us know friends or family who have lost the battle. Pedro Torres is a survivor. Along with six others, he chooses to speak out about his battle, his faith and his hope as a ‘virus victim’. You will be encouraged and moved by this video. This latest #dearcoronavirus video is the third in a series produced by GAiN leadership in Europe along with active partners from other parts of the world. You can watch...
  • ADRA finds innovative ways to help the most vulnerable
    In the midst of the COVID-19 crisis, Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) Australia programs are continuing to find innovative ways to serve their communities. Community meals have now become takeaway, counselling services have moved online and care packages, including toiletries, are being delivered to the most vulnerable. In amongst the chaos, people are finding refuge in the service of ADRA volunteers. “People are all very anxious about what’s happening,” said Helen Hiscock,...
  • A Special Message from Pastor Ted Wilson on the Coronavirus Crisis
    Editor’s Note: Below is a transcript of a message, posted to You Tube on April 2, from president of the Adventist Church, Ted N.C. Wilson. Elder Wilson will release a new video each week, during the Coronavirus pandemic, which you can view here.  Greetings, Brothers and Sisters around the world, our wonderful church family, our worldwide family. God is in control of all of our aspects as we place ourselves in His hands. Now, during this coronavirus pandemic, I want you to be encouraged in the...